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December 29th, 2011

RE: "Disgraced ex-journalist fights for CA law license"

        Your points are well taken.

Dear Miss Rachel Grunberg,  

I thought it was dignified, I am on neither side.  But if we are going to stand in judgement, let's be careful and not advocate for the wrong side. 

I question the ethics of the Bar.  Shall we banish them for their support of corruption and fraud upon the court?   Oh yes, they are partners in a crime of conspiracy and racketeering.  Should they be giving support to lawyers, DAs and Supervisors who are covering up judicial corruption that has resulted in the theft of my tropical getaway, masterminded by the County Supervisors office?   Why do judges who are "state employees" get benefits from the County Supervisors Office?  Perhaps to deprive an innocent citizen of due process and remuneration?   Hummmmm.   

If I am correct, I think you will agree, after you see the evidence below, that we should disband the Bar for life.  My reasoning for disbanding the Bar for life is the moral basis for which you advocate in the Stephen Glass article above: "no one who was hurt by Mr. Glasses' falsehoods was compensated".  Do the actions of the Bar in aiding and abetting corruption, giving protection to three corrupted lawyers, [not] enforcing moral codes, amount to robbery?  Furthermore, under the bounds of your argument, the Bar's actions, which are predicate acts are, designed to assist in the obstruction of justice and deny remuneration, and are grounds for dismissal. 

Clearly, we can agree that any act in the furtherance of aiding and abetting corruption, in which public officials and the Bar are conspiring in a fraud upon the court, perversely trying to circumvent the Constitution, in order to steal a 10 million dollar property, is much more egregious and criminal than that, for which Stephen Glass was charged.  Nonetheless, you make a good point: should he be denied a new career as lawyer? 

We are living in a society, where there are two sets of laws, one set of laws for the oppressed and another set of a laws for the privileged.  Welcome to the New Workd Order! This can be seen in the wholly irrational application of laws surrounding this case where the County Supervisors have authorized a crooked DDA to ignore every law in the books, from RTC Taxation Revenue Codes to California Civil Procedures Codes (out of jurisdiction of equity courts), ethics codes, and his "oath of office" to be fair and impartial.  Be careful what you advocate.  Applied literally, and with more justification here in this case, than the Stephen Glass case, the Bar should be suspended indefinitely for obstruction of justice.   

Can you imagine how the continuation of aiding and abetting corrupt entities will impact you and your profession?  How ridiculous was it for LA County Superviors to use tax payer dollars, against the taxpayer, giving benefits to Sate employed judges?  When a lawless society is exposed, there is no need for lawyers.  Your years of education and Constitutional studies are in jeopardy of being thrown way by these activities of the Bar, as in Stephen Glass' case.   For, without justice and the Constitution you are sworn to protect, you have no job.  After careful review of the evidence below, which is so overwhelming that the DA's Office, 3 lawyers and CAL BAR have conspired to obstruct justice in a fraud upon the court.  

I would consider a quiet Qua Tam prosecution of your employers, to protect the Constitution and the dignity of your profession.      

As an adocate for thuth and justice, I assume that's why you injected yourself into this debate, I think you will find what is happening below fascinating.   I have made a mock-u-mentay of the Corruption in LA.  A revolution is coming, we are not far from LA turning into the streets of Bagdad.  So enjoy the humor after feeling the pain of Sunny Sheu whose life was taken for exposing Judge Gohlia and New York Supreme Court Corruption.

 I hope that reviewing this material will enlighten you to the contradictions that exists in the judicial system within which you operate and advocate for. Please align yourself on the right side of the law before you advocate for corruption. 


Gregory Bradford

P.S.  Take a look at my case and you will recognize some rather strange atrocities, within the D.D.A. ranks of Cooley's office.


Mayor of West Hollywood John Duran, guilty of aiding and abetting a "fraud upon the court" intentionally acting ineffictive, working against his client for Monopoly get out of jail free cards. The only lawyer you can truly trust, is one who has been suspended questionably by the State Bar of California. The Philip Edward Kay Cal Bar suspension below is a classic example of CAL BAR blacklisting. Like my case, this case makes no sense.  Don't look now, but the Emperor behind the BAR is naked!


1. LA County Supervisors are a lawless enterprise which has stolen taxpayer dollars and property in the furtherance of a scheme to profit from the very taxpayers they have pledged an oath to protect;


2.  N.A.T. (the Nuisance Abatement Team) is the equivalent of a KGB hit squad of the 1950s;


3. The L.A. County Department of Land Management makes false claims in ignoring Tax Default laws RTC Code §§ 3691-3692 (c);


4.  Deputy Susan Nissman, of Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky's office, jumps in on the fracas perjuring herself, knowingly making material misrepresentations, in the furtherance of a scheme to unlawfully seize property from me and my 74 years young partner Hope Winthrop; 


5. The L.A.D.A. maliciously prosecutes on these false claims, even after being put on notice, 8 months ago, that tax default properties are mandated by law to be sold to abutting neighbors, who have priority. DDA Michael P. Noyes, in acts of moral turpitude, falsifies Court documents and continues prosecution despite these notices.  In criminal courts, out of his jurisdiction and of equity courts, Noyes orders the removal of "private property" attached to land, which is protected by time barred statutes of California Civil Procedure Codes §§ 315-321 and California CCC §§ 845-846; 


6.  Mr. Noyes does this unlawfully in Malibu County Kangaroo Court proceedings, where the Commissioner, an ethics advisor to the Cal State Bar, knowingly assists Noyes in a fraud upon the Court;


7. Noyes obstructs justice and is able to tamper with three of our lawyers, despite the fact that they have taken retainers in trust.


8.  Our last lawyer, appointed by the Commissioner, was part of this, plan to obstruct justice.  In doing this the Commissioner intentionally misrepresented court documents, erroneously recorded a conflict of interest that did not exist with the Alternative Defenders office.   Thus conveniently routing us to an ineffective Cal Bar Panel Counsel, Elliott Tiomkin


9. Cal Bar gives protection to the lawyers, the Commissioner and D.D.A. Noyes














As a citizen of the United States of America, protected by the by the U.S. Constitution, I abhor the thought of walking into another Kangaroo Court proceeding, playing "slave" to an unlawful master with perverse powers acting above our local laws and the U.S. Constitution. I would no more do that, than I would step to the back of a moving bus, let alone or in front of one when it's moving.  Our history and Constitution stand behind us.  They can only shape the future, if we learn and apply those lessons from the past.  Shame on Kamala Harris fo the Department of Justice for not intervening while she goes on TV claiming she is crackingdown on lawyer fraud and corruption.  A hyprocrite / carpet bagger who denies her heritage in the face of flagerant Civil Rights violations!  Using Tax payers dollars to go on T.V. and lie to the public.  It is obvious by the lack of a response, to a citizens numerous complaints,

she wil not prosecute fraud on the highest level, Supervisor Corruption!  Her appearance on T.V. amounts to lieing for votes... when she should be in her office protecting the citizens and the Constitution of the United States of America by drafting a Complaint against Micheal P. Noyes and Susan Nissman!  Her actions of not responding to a citizens complaint is in violation of


I have solutions to solving this pleg of Supervisor, DA, and CAL BAR  Corruption that could be implemented overnight, as you can 

see at the link below: 

Reigate and Banstead Borough


This is a lawless society.  We are no longer the Leaders of the Free World, when our leaders circumvent the Constitution carving a path in what they call the "New World Order".  May the Constitution Rest in Peace and be resurected after a revolution!


Gregory Bradford